Rennie demands probe into use of government logo by fire alarm company

A probe into the use of the official government logo by a commercial company has been demanded by the Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, Willie Rennie.  The inquiry has been called for after the Scottish Government were forced to ditch its botched fire alarm plan yesterday. Mr Rennie also called for a fully funded new plan to be prepared urgently. 

Speaking after Kevin Stewart ditched the existing plan Mr Rennie said:

“It’s been an embarrassing set of events for the housing minister. Hundreds of thousands of people found out for the first time about the new fire alarm requirements when a commercial company claiming the endorsement of the Scottish Government dropped a flimsy leaflet through their letterbox. 

“We now need a probe into how a commercial company was ever given permission by the government to use the official logo to endorse its work.

“Rather than reassuring people the leaflet caused alarm with people concerned about the consequences of these changes. 

“What we also need is a new plan and it needs to be prepared urgently. It needs to be fully funded so that those on low incomes get the support to install the alarms which will cost over £200 per house and it needs to be promoted through a government information campaign with technical advice on how to get it done.”

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