Rennie demands answers on St. Enoch tax avoidance

The Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats has today demanded that the Scottish and UK Governments explain whether the loophole has been closed that allowed a company to avoid millions of pounds in tax when it purchased St. Enoch shopping centre in Glasgow.

Responding to a BBC documentary which exposed the tax arrangements of Blackstone Willie Rennie MSP said:

“When ordinary tax payers are paying their fair share of taxes to fund public services these wealthy companies are paying people to avoid what they should be paying.

“Instead of talking tough on tax avoidance our governments need to act. 

“This is the first time the SNP Government has been under scrutiny so they should make a clear statement on whether Blackstone would have been able to avoid paying the new Scottish Land and Buildings Transaction Tax in the same way it has avoided old UK Stamp Duty Land Tax.

“The SNP were unable to give that assurance this morning which makes the need for clarity even more important to give confidence that the Scottish Government have a handle on these matters.”

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