Rennie: Davidson in a bind over NHS funding or tax cuts for next Scottish budget

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today challenged Ruth Davidson to come clean on whether her priority in next year's budget will be to reverse the increase in Scottish income tax for higher earners implemented this year, or to invest in the NHS in Scotland 

In a speech last night Ruth Davidson said: “The UK government has a choice to make. And, if that choice is between extra spending on the NHS or introducing further tax breaks beyond those already promised, I choose the NHS."

Responding Mr Rennie said: 

“Ruth Davidson loves to pretend she is a cuddly centrist but her latest comments expose her contradictory positions. She is now undermining the very arguments she deployed just a few months ago in the Scottish budget debate. 

“During the Scottish budget process she relentlessly proposed tax cuts for higher earners. Yet last night she said that she would now choose funding the NHS over Conservative tax cuts. in the next Scottish budget Ruth Davidson will have to choose between her rhetoric from Tuesday night in Glasgow or the rhetoric from the budget earlier this year in Edinburgh.

“Scottish Liberal Democrats have always been clear that we believe moderate, progressive taxation can be a force for good when it is used to address areas of common interest. With the budget process ahead, Ruth Davidson needs to make clear whether she is winding down her ruthless cuts rhetoric or if this commitment to properly fund our NHS is only skin deep.”

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