Rennie criticises poor communication between Scottish and UK Governments

Commenting on changes to the public messaging on coronavirus, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said:

“We are now reaching a very difficult phase in our efforts against the virus which is why we must see the evidence and the analysis from the scientists. Changing the well entrenched slogan without transparency and before the public have been persuaded about the change is just not satisfactory.

“If the messaging in Scotland is to diverge from the rest of the UK the evidence and analysis need to be convincing too. Consistency and clarity have been to our advantage so far. The differences between Scotland and the rest of the UK would need to be significant for us to have two different messages in the UK.

“That is why it is unsatisfactory that the communication between the UK Government and the Scottish Government appears to be so poor. Our two governments must sort this out as the stakes are far too high.”

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