Rennie: Country “uninspired” by SNP who are out of ideas

Speaking ahead of the programme for government tomorrow, Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Willie Rennie said:

“Nicola Sturgeon’s government is tired and failing. After ten years at the helm they’re out of ideas and the country is uninspired.

“Brexit and independence are massive distractions from the domestic issues that really matter. Under this government our health service is crippled and education is slipping.

“The First Minister claims solving the attainment gap is her primary goal. But she has sat by as the education system has deteriorated.

“This year we need to see big moves from the SNP to improve teacher recruitment and retention. The best way to do that would be a McCrone 2 review assessing teachers terms and the demands placed upon them.

“We’ve also reached the stage where all of the opposition parties in the Scottish Parliament are clear – P1 testing needs to go. It’s distressing and a momentous waste of time.

“The Liberal Democrats have the backing of the Parliament to demand a seismic shift in mental health service delivery. Now is the time for the SNP to finally get mental health services on par with physical illness. 

“Investing in the people of Scotland must be the focus of this government’s activities.”

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