Rennie: Conservatives will struggle in Davidson's absence

Commenting on Ruth Davidson's resignation, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said:

“There is little doubt that Ruth Davidson has brought a spark of life to the Conservatives and to Scottish, even UK, politics at a time it that it really mattered. Often I found her fun to work with where we agreed and a formidable opponent when we didn’t. She can leave the stage in the knowledge that she played her part and played it well.

“The Conservatives know that her absence is a problem for them as they will struggle to speak for the hundreds of thousands of people with moderate views who want Scotland in the heart of the UK and reject Boris Johnson cavalier approach to running our country. Liberal Democrats will speak for those people.

"Together Jo Swinson and I will speak for the majority of people in Scotland who want a moderate, progressive, open approach and who reject those who want to damage our country with a no deal Brexit or the break-up of the UK. We will give voice to those people.” 

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