Rennie: city of love is wounded by hate

Remarks from Willie Rennie MSP, leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, at the “Motion of Condolence: Paris, 13 November 2015”:

“The city of love is wounded by hate.

“Today to Paris we send our love, to help it heal.

“Of course we are afraid.

“We saw the fear of people in Paris on Friday.

“And so we can imagine the fear of the refugees fleeing the barbarity of those same killers back home.

“Of course we must tread with care across the world. Yet western governments did not have it coming. Nothing justifies this.

“Of course there is no them.  These killers do not represent the Muslim faith, Muslim countries or Muslim people, or anything else good and noble. These killers only represent themselves.

“Of course something must be done. Yet we must protect what we cherish most and they detest most. Our freedom.

“We must nurture our progressive, liberal, free society. 

“So this is no time for haste, revenge, insularity or generalisations.  

“We must be resolute.

“This is a time to grieve, to heal, to plan, to solve, to unite.”

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