Rennie challenges SNP candidate over parliamentary votes on independence

Scottish Liberal Democrats are turning up the heat on the SNP in the Shetland by-election with only ten days until polling day.

In advance of his second visit to the campaign, Willie Rennie, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, has challenged the SNP candidate to declare immediately whether he would vote with his constituents or his party on another independence referendum. There will be a parliamentary vote on the issue within days of the by-election and therefore voters have a right to know how Tom Wills would vote.

Mr Rennie said:

“The SNP candidate has been remarkably coy about the independence issue even though his party is planning a parliamentary vote on it within the next few weeks.

“Independence hardly appears in any of his leaflets. It’s almost as if he wants people to forget that he believes in independence.

“Shetland voted overwhelmingly against independence in 2014 and the latest polls show people in Shetland are still strongly against it.

“We need someone in Parliament who will vote with, not against, Shetland on this issue.  Beatrice Wishart will vote against another independence referendum. Beatrice Wishart has made her position clear, now it is up to Tom Wills.”

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