Rennie challenges Corbyn’s electoral confidence given “belligerent” Brexit stance

Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Willie Rennie has questioned Labour’s “stubborn and belligerent” Brexit stance today, as Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn proclaimed he was “very confident” of gaining more Scottish seats on a visit to New Lanark.

A recent YouGov poll has projected significant Labour losses (a fall to 19%) if the party maintains a position of support for Brexit going into any future snap election. Lord Adonis described Labour as “an accomplice to Brexit”.

This month it was revealed more than 100 Westminster constituencies which voted leave have now switched to support remain.

Even Scottish Labour supporters don’t support Corbyn on Brexit, and the majority would welcome a change of position. Support for remain in Scotland has grown, a faction of Scottish Labour have abandoned party lines to set up Scottish Labour for the single market and several Scottish Labour politicians have spoken in favour of a vote on the final deal.

Willie Rennie said:

“Labour’s stubborn and belligerent Brexit stance stands in the face of both the evidence and public opinion. It’s a wonder Corbyn is speaking so positively about his electoral prospects now that it’s clear less and less people support his vision.

“Corbyn can’t have missed the fact his ambitious plans for an ‘economic renaissance’ under Labour leadership will be impossible if Brexit goes ahead. Trade restrictions would torpedo hopes for any such growth.

“These polls show voters are sending a very clear message. Give the British people the final say on whether the deal Prime Minister manages to bring back from Brussels is good enough.”

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