Rennie calls Scottish on Labour to not give up on Europe

Today Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP will call on Scottish Labour to join the Liberal Democrats in their campaign to let the public have a say on the terms of Brexit. 

Whilst on a visit to Inverness, an area that has benefited significantly from the EU, Mr Rennie will call on Scottish Labour to back a Brexit Deal Referendum.  

The call comes after momentum has been building for a vote on the terms of Brexit with the Liberal Democrats leading the charge after wins in Richmond and the increase in vote share in the latest by-election in Sleaford and North Hykeham. 

Commenting Mr Rennie said:

“Jeremy' Corbyn has been all over the place ever since the vote on June 23rd.  A weak Labour position on the EU has meant the Conservative Government has been able to promote a hard Brexit unchecked. However Scottish Labour can do something different. They can join the Liberal Democrats in making sure the Conservatives don’t get away with it anymore.  

"Our message is resonating with the people even with those that voted to leave the EU. We overturned a huge majority in Richmond just a week ago and the other day in Sleaford and North Hykeham, an area that voted to leave,  we increased our share of the vote and pushed Labour into fourth. 

“Regardless of how people voted in the referendum they didn’t vote for a stitch up that will take us out of the Single Market, out of the Erasmus programme and numerous other things we enjoy as a member of the EU. 

"The Highlands and Islands have benefited from £millions of support from the EU and could be marginalised if we leave the EU.

"The reasons the vote happened the way it did are wide and varied. Therefore it is simply common sense for people to be given a say in a referendum on the deal that is agreed. 

“If Scottish Labour don’t join us then they are effectively giving up on Europe, giving up on stopping a blank cheque Brexit and giving up on democracy. Liberal Democrats are clear – we cannot let what started out as a democratic process end in a stitch up by the ever right leaning Conservatives."

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