Rennie calls for urgent statement on currency chaos

Scottish Liberal Democrats have this morning called for an urgent ministerial statement from Alex Salmond following a series of new positions from his chief currency advisor on the monetary framework in an independent Scotland.

At an event at Glasgow Caledonian University last night, the Chair of Alex Salmond’s Fiscal Commission Working Group, Crawford Beveridge, said:

· Sterlingisation was viable as a transition option for a period which could only last six months
· It was entirely possible that a formal currency union would not be agreed in event of a vote for independence
· A move to renege on an independent Scotland’s share of the debt “looks like a default and it smells like a default” to credit ratings agencies

As Alex Salmond has based his entire position on the Fiscal Commission’s report and now that the Fiscal Commission has changed its position, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has called on the First Minister to report to parliament.

Mr Rennie said:

"Alex Salmond had hoped that his favoured advisor would calm the horses over his chaotic currency plans. Instead there is now a significant gulf between what Alex Salmond says and what his chief currency advisor says. Time is running out. Alex Salmond has based his entire position on the fiscal commission report and now the fiscal commission has changed its position.

“It is now imperative that he explains his Plan B and the consequences of that alternative.”

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