Rennie calls for Scottish Leaders' Debate

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP has today called for a Scottish leaders' debate in the upcoming general election, citing that parties wishing to win seats in Scotland should be exposed to public scrutiny as much as possible over the next seven weeks.  

Commenting Mr Rennie said: 

"I find it indefensible that that the Prime Minister has already ruled out a TV debate even though it was her that has called this election. This upcoming election is one of the most important that this country has ever had and for politicians to hide away from public scrutiny would be a disservice to the electorate.  

"Over the next seven weeks parties across the spectrum will be campaigning on several issues and the Scottish people have the right to hear from their political leaders. Within Scotland we have a range of issues that that must be debated. From the impact of a hard Tory Brexit in Scotland to the SNP's attempt to break up the UK; all areas must be under public scrutiny and a leaders debate would be the right thing to do.  

"Scottish Liberal Democrats go into this election with a proud track record in these debates and I look forward to setting out a vision of a Britain that is open, tolerant and united."

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