Rennie calls for NHS Fife investigation

Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Willie Rennie has urged the Scottish Government to investigate the board at NHS Fife, headed by former Presiding Officer Tricia Marwick, after a string of high profile departures, citing the “real risk” to the delivery of healthcare at the board.

Commenting, Willie Rennie said:

“Since 2016 NHS Fife has lost a chairman, a senior director and two senior board members. These are all senior people with outstanding records of public service and leadership. Four departures of senior people in just two years indicates that something is going wrong at the heart of the organisation.
“I’ve had concerns for over seven months and took those concerns directly to the Scottish Government earlier this year. The concerns have focussed around the culture that has been presided over by the Chair Tricia Marwick and the Chief Executive Paul Hawkins. Those who question and challenge are side-lined and isolated. As a result, morale is at rock bottom.
“The board and leadership has been weakened by these departures and I am worried about the impact on performance. With a weaker board and lack of a proper challenge the risk to the delivery of healthcare is real.
“I believed that the issues were being resolved earlier this year but the recent departure of Simon Little means that questions must be asked. The Scottish Government needs to conduct an investigation into NHS Fife.”

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