Rennie calls for cross party team on more powers

Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, Willie Rennie, has called for the establishment of a cross-party "advance team" to ensure the swift implementation of new powers to Holyrood.


Speaking following a statement on the Smith Agreement by the Scottish Government, Mr Rennie said that work should be undertaken now to ensure the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament is fully prepared to enact the new powers to come to Scotland following the general election.

The call follows concerns over the new tax body Revenue Scotland, where it was revealed it faced significant risks in ensuring it could go live this April in line with the new tax powers to come as part of the Scotland 2012 Act.

Speaking after the statement today, Mr Rennie said:

"Scottish Liberal Democrats are itching to get to work in delivering the bold new package of powers coming from the Smith Agreement.

"There are steps which can be taken now to ensure the implementation is as swift and smooth as possible. I want the Scottish Government to set up a cross-party advance team which can review the infrastructure of both the Scottish Government and the Parliament to ensure it stands ready to go live with the new tax and welfare powers. This would help minimise the risk of delays we have already seen with Revenue Scotland."

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