Rennie calls for airport testing and spot checkers as part of "Save Christmas" package

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today urged Scottish Government ministers to "get creative to make Christmas safe" as he warned that that the failure to introduce airport testing risked seeding the virus across Scotland once more during the festive period.

Mr Rennie has consistently called for the testing of students before and after the Christmas period as well as testing of all passengers travelling to and from Scottish airports as a way of preventing the virus from spreading between different areas of the country.

Willie Rennie said: 

"Ministers need to get creative to make Christmas safe and prevent a resurgence of the virus. That means revisiting their baffling decision to oppose airport testing. 

"When I asked the Justice Secretary about Christmas and whether the government would be increasing the number of spot checkers to cope with the increase in people flying, he told me that it was not a priority. He also said airport testing was not a priority as well.

“But airport testing could be an extra safety measure to identify people who have the virus.  While it will not catch a small number of those who are pre-symptomatic, it has a role to play in picking up asymptomatic cases and allowing people to travel safely. Likewise we need an expansion in the number of quarantine spot checkers to ensure that those who are supposed to isolate are doing the right thing.

“If we take the necessary steps we can have a safe Christmas.”

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