Rennie calls for 60p minimum price

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today called for a 60p minimum price per unit of alcohol to reflect the impact of inflation and other factors over the past five years warning that, with alcohol hospitalisations on the rise, the Scottish Government needs to do far more to tackle alcohol abuse.

The Scottish Government confirmed today that it intends to introduce a minimum price of 50 pence per unit of alcohol. 

In 2012, when a 50p rate was planned, it would have affected three-quarters of alcoholic drinks. However, inflation means it will now only affect about half. 

Mr Rennie said:

“In excess, alcohol wrecks lives, families and communities.  Low prices for decades have increased that harm caused in Scotland.  

"Inflation has eroded the value of the original minimum price during the years that this policy has been caught up in the courts. That is one of the reasons why Scottish Liberal Democrats pressed the Scottish Government to introduce a higher rate but ministers have bottled it.

“With hospitalisations on the rise, we need to see the Scottish Government do far more to tackle the scourge of alcohol abuse.”

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