Rennie: Budget overshadowed by damaging Brexit

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today warned that the Chancellor’s Budget has missed the chance to give public services and businesses a confident future.

Mr Rennie said:

“With Brexit threatening living standards across the UK the Chancellor has neither ended austerity nor addressed the fundamental problems in the economy.

“Everything is overshadowed by the damaging impact that Brexit will have on the UK’s public finances and the skilled workers available to run public services. These costs – which could reach £80 billion a year in the event of no deal – risk turning today’s Budget into a tinkering sideshow.

“The Budget misses the opportunity to ensure wealth is fairly taxed. Meanwhile, public services face an uncertain future. 

“Liberal Democrats demanded better than this. We needed a Budget that gave people fairer taxes and better public services, and a final say on the Brexit deal. Today, we got none of that.”

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