Rennie: Appointments cancelled while vaccine stuck in storage

The Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats has criticised the SNP Government’s vaccination distribution system after it was discovered that 400,000 doses of the vaccine are stuck in storage whilst local vaccine appointments were cancelled by GPs.

Speaking after quizzing the First Minister in parliament, Willie Rennie said:

“Local people are very anxious and increasingly frustrated about the sluggish pace of the vaccination programme.

“Many are distressed that appointments have been cancelled because the GPs have run out of supplies.

“Last week the Health Secretary admitted that 200,000 doses were stuck in storage in England. This week we discover that number may have doubled to 400,000.

“But the government continues to blame the manufacturers instead of sorting its own distribution system.

“Passing the buck won’t vaccinate more people in need. The government needs to sort out this problem before it gets any worse.”

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