Rennie and Chamberlain: Impossible for Chief Medical Officer to do her job now

The MP and MSP for the second home of the Chief Medical Officer have said that it is impossible for the Chief Medical Officer to do her job advising the nation on Covid 19 after she flouted her own advice on non-essential travel. 


Willie Rennie and Wendy Chamberlain said that tension in the East Neuk was already high with holidaymakers and second home owners flocking to the area over the weekend. It added insult to injury that the Chief Medic was one of them. 

Speaking after it was discovered that Catherine Calderwood had visited her second home in Earlsferry in North East Fife, the parliamentarians said:

“It is difficult to see how the Chief Medical Officer will be able to carry the important messages about the virus and the lock down if she has not even followed it herself. There is no doubt she has worked incredibly hard and led the country well through the early stages of this crisis.  Yet it it is difficult to see how she can continue to do that when she has made this massive error of judgement.

 “Local people are irate that holiday makers and second home owners have ignored the warnings from the Chief Medical Officer to stay at home. The main street was described as being like a motorway and many second homes are full up. There is real concern that with a swollen population and a virus sweeping through the local health services will just not cope.

“If we are going to get through this pandemic we need medical leaders who everyone can follow. It is with great regret that we say that the Chief Medical Officer will need to go.”


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