Rennie and Chamberlain call on NHS Fife chair to apologise to St Andrews.

Willie Rennie and Wendy Chamberlain, the MP and MSP for North East Fife have called on the chair of NHS Fife, Tricia Marwick, to apologise to St. Andrews University, its students and its staff after she claimed “they are not a Fife University” and described students as “pathetic trolls” who “failed to get into Oxbridge”. 

Tricia Marwick was responding to a controversial article published in the student paper, The Saint.

In a statement, Willie Rennie and Wendy Chamberlain said:

“The article about Nicola Sturgeon was offensive and we condemn it. It was an attempt at humour but it was misogynistic. 

“However, it was one article, published by one student out of several thousand students and staff at St. Andrews. It does not represent the views of staff and students.  

“It was therefore wholly unacceptable for the chair of NHS Fife to trash the whole university with offensive remarks too. Tricia Marwick is an experienced politician of many years standing, rose to the position of Holyrood Presiding Officer and is now in charge of the health service in Fife, including the students and staff she has just insulted. People have a right to expect better than this. 

“St. Andrews and the university is a vibrant, colourful part of Fife and is packed full of great people who care about the community in which they live. The university is a Fife university, full of students who chose to be educated here because it’s one of the best in the UK not because ‘they failed to get into Oxbridge’ and its students are not ‘pathetic trolls'.  She must apologise." 

Willie added:

“I have worked closely and constructively with Tricia Marwick over many years and have openly praised her for some of her work but I told her in a call this week how disappointed I am with her comments. Although she has now deleted the tweet she also needs to apologise.”

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