Rennie: Absurd gap in SNP's argument for independence

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP has today accused the SNP of using pro EU supporters in Scotland for their own independence agenda after several SNP politicians failed to guarantee EU membership in an independent Scotland this morning.

In interviews this morning, SNP ministers failed to spell out whether an independent Scotland would seek membership of the European Union. Yesterday Nicola Sturgeon at her press conference was also unable to say whether an independent Scotland would apply for full EU membership.

Commenting Mr Rennie said:

“It’s an absurd gap in the SNP’s argument. They are dragging us into another divisive referendum on independence because of leaving the EU, but refuse to say whether their plan would put Scotland back in the EU. They won’t even be clear if they would even want full membership of the European Union.

“The SNP are using those that voted Remain for their own ends. With the SNP independence comes first and everything else comes second. Those that may vote for an independent Scotland because they wish to stay in the EU will be bitterly disappointed when the SNP turn their back on them. We are now facing the prospect of an independent Scotland outside the EU and the UK which would be a disaster.”

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