Rennie: the SNP’s campaign postcard blunder sums up their distraction by independence

Willie Rennie has used a campaign visit in Edinburgh, with the aid of a De Lorean car, to highlight an SNP postcard that features the unfinished Queensferry Crossing.

Speaking on the visit, Mr Rennie said:

"It is back to the future with the SNP and their relentless campaign for another divisive referendum on independence.

 “They are distracted from the day to day business of government.

 "This is summed up by the latest SNP campaign postcard blunder.

 “They have sent a postcard to voters which features the unfinished and delayed Queensferry Crossing.

 “It sums the SNP up that they have issued a boastful postcard for a bridge that they promised everyone at the Scottish election last year was 'on time'. Now it is delayed.

“This is just like everything else they do.

“The opening of the bridge has been delayed twice.

“It contrasts with the short 44 days it took the SNP to prepare fresh legislation on independence.

“We all appreciate the efforts made by the contractors and the workforce on the bridge.

"SNP ministers have taken their eyes off the ball on public services.

“They are so distracted they haven’t even noticed their own delays.

"In the last ten days we have learnt about the shortages in GP surgeries across Scotland. Mental health waiting times are horrendous.

“Scottish education is slipping down the international rankings.

"We heard those concerns echoed in the TV debate last Sunday.

"The SNP manifesto needs to cancel the divisive independence referendum so that the SNP can finally turn their attention full time to Scottish public services.”

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