56 reasons (and counting) you should vote for the Scottish Liberal Democrats in May

We could just keep going and going...

This election is an opportunity to make Scotland the best again.

Liberal Democrats will invest in education, improve the NHS, guarantee our civil liberties and protect our environment.

We will put the divisions of the referendum behind us and focus on making Scotland the best again.

Here are 56 (and counting) more reasons why you should vote Scottish Liberal Democrat in May:

  1. We're the only party with a plan to invest half a billion in schools, colleges & nurseries.
    Our plan for education
  2. We'll get serious about mental health.
  3. We're the only party with a credible plan to tackle the GP crisis.
  4. We'll take real action to make sure Scotland finally meets its climate change targets.
  5. We're the only party that will protect your civil liberties, in Westminster & in Holyrood.
  6. We'll free public sector workers from top-down targets.
  7. Willie Rennie.
  8. We're the only party that has consistently & effectively opposed the SNP's centralisation of policing.
  9. We won the argument to extend free childcare to thousands of extra two-year olds.
  10. And we'll go even further and give more families access to free childcare, thanks to our penny for education
  11. We'll work to move on from the referendum and start to heal the divisions.
  12. We'll double funding for Child & Adult Mental Health services and end the scandal of young people waiting more than a year for mental health treatment. 
    We'll double investment in mental health treatment for young people
  13. We'll roll back SNP centralisation & put power back in the hands of communities.
  14. We'll introduce a Scottish pupil premium to help close the attainment gap - when we introduced this in England, it closed the attainment gap by 5% in just 3 years.
  15. We'll make improving the energy efficiency of homes a national infrastructure project.
  16. We'll recruit & retain more GPs & end the GP crisis.
  17. We'll reverse years of SNP cuts & invest £108m in colleges.
  18. We'll oppose the SNPs national identity database.
  19. Our fantastic candidates.
    Our candidates
  20. We'll protect council education budgets - because half what they do is education.
  21. We'll treat addiction as a health issue, not a criminal one.
  22. We gave ordinary workers an £800 income tax cut in government.
  23. We'll actually use the powers Scotland has to make a difference, unlike the SNP.
  24. We'll oppose fracking on climate change grounds.
  25. We'll give public sector workers the freedom to put their talents & training to good use.
  26. We'll restore the traditional model of Scottish policing.
  27. We won't slash taxes for the richest like the Tories.
  28. We'll invest in low-carbon transport across Scotland to reduce our carbon emissions.
  29. We led and won the campaign to reverse Police Scotland's decision to deploy armed police on routine duties.
  30. We delivered the Scotland Bill which transferred massive new powers to Scotland.
  31. Our penny for education is a fair and progressive way to invest in education.
  32. We will build two mental health treatment centres for children & young people - currently there are no beds for them north of Dundee.
  33. We'll ensure every home in Scotland has access to broadband.
  34. Unlike the Tories, we actually have a plan for Scotland. 
    Secret Tory Memo: \
  35. Unlike the SNP we won't increase Scotland's carbon emissions by cutting air passenger duty.
  36. Willie is great at singing nursery rhymes.
  37. We'll make sure big companies like Amazon won't get government grants unless they pay employees the living wage.
  38. We'll invest in improving cycling & walking across Scotland.
  39. Our investment in education will make sure businesses have the skills they need to thrive.
  40. We'd give everyone in Scotland the right to see who has accessed the personal data held on them by public bodies.
  41. We'll scrap the bedroom tax in Scotland.
  42. Our top priority when Scotland gets new tax powers next year will be to introduce a zero-rate band & cut taxes for the low-paid.
  43. We've punched above our weight at Holyrood.
    We've punched above our weight at Holyrood
  44. We'll end open cast coal mining
  45. We put an end to Police Scotland's out of control, target driven use of stop & search.
    We put a stop to out of control stop & search
  46. Willie's opening gambit to President Trump would be "get off my phone"
  47. We introduced the pensions triple lock, which guarantees pensioners fair rises in the state pension every year.
  48. We've opposed SNP centralisation at every step.
  49. Willie gets the seal of approval. 
    Willie getting the Seal of approval
  50. Our penny for education (yeah, we know, we already mentioned it, but it's important)
  51. We'll boost investment in renewable energy so we reach our goal of 100% renewable energy generation.
  52. We'll introduce a Scotland wide smart card system to make it easier for people to travel by bus or train and give automatic access to the cheapest fares.
  53. We set up the green investment bank.
  54. We're in favour of continued membership of the EU.
  55. We'll join up health and social care to improve social care in Scotland
  56. We'll use Scotland's new benefits powers to raise the carers allowance to the same level as Jobseeker's Allowance.
  57. We'll give every GP practice will be able to have an additional qualified mental health professional to support and treat patients.
  58. We'll boost vocational training opportunities
  59. Willie's great on a zip-line (and our plans for environment aren't bad either: scotlibdems.org.uk/environment)

What's your reason for supporting us?