Radio Silence from SNP on ID Database plans

It is now nearly a year since the SNP government set out plans to create a super ID database that experts warned could lead to the introduction of ID cards in Scotland.

Liberal Democrats opposed these proposals at the time they were announced. We led a debate at Holyrood calling for full scrutiny of proposals that the Information Commissioners Office have warned could breach civil liberties laws.

We all want to see our data managed effectively. But the SNP’s plans would see more than 100 public sector organisations gain access to a database which includes our medical data. Each of us would be allocated a unique number, which would allow our activities to be tracked by people who had the necessary access. Increasing the number of people accessing the database, which will be based on an existing register used by the NHS, would also increase the risk of data loss.

Earlier this year, the SNP launched a public consultation on the plans. But since it closed almost 7 months ago, we have heard nothing more from Ministers. This is far longer than it usually takes them to respond to consultations.

I have asked a series of parliamentary questions seeking answers over when we can expect to find out whether the SNP will press ahead with these dangerous plans. The answers we have received from Ministers have been evasive and contained no useful information whatsoever.

It has become a monthly occurrence – I ask the Scottish Government questions on the super ID database and they fail to answer them.

It is time that SNP ministers broke their silence. We need to know whether these plans have been shelved or if they will ignore the concerns of privacy campaigners and the Information Commissioner. It is time for answers. Have the SNP scrapped their super ID database proposals?

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