Question from Lib Dem MP prompts strange outburst from Boris

In an extraordinary outburst, Boris Johnson told the EU it needed to "get serious" about EU negotiations in response to a question from Liberal Democrat MP Jamie Stone. Jamie asked the Foreign Secretary what he made of remarks by one of Angela Merkel's most senior colleagues on the Today Programme this morning. Michael Fuchs, a senior Christian Democrat in Germany, said that Boris Johnson was obstructing progress on Brexit.

Jamie Stone said:

“Boris Johnson telling others to get serious is a bit like Jacob Rees-Mogg telling others they should get down with the kids.

“That he had never even heard of such a key figure in the Brexit process and someone so close to Angela Merkel is not as surprising as perhaps it should be.

“Boris Johnson is an international joke that was never really that funny. Like a rotten egg, he has seriously passed his sell-by date. If he really cared about a successful Brexit negotiation, he would resign.”

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