Our Plan for Scotland

Freedom for the public sector

Freedom for public sector workers

Giving public sector workers the freedom to work to their talent and training will create the best possible public services.

But most now feel that they are limited in the service they can provide because of central government targets.

  • The Royal Colleges that represent health professionals have warned that central targets are getting in the way of the best clinical treatment.
  • The Scottish Police Federation warned that top-down targets have stopped police officers giving the best service to their communities.
  • Teachers have warned that the new standardised national tests will divert time away from teaching and onto administration and explaining the tests to parents.

It takes ten years to train a GP. It takes four years to train a nurse. It takes two years to train a police officer and it takes up to four years to train a teacher.

Yet top-down targets and controls are suffocating the public sector, deskilling these professionals.

Our public sector workers should be free from the government diktats which brought us industrial scale stop-and-search, many ineffective targets in the NHS and a pending return to league tables and national pupil testing last seen under Mrs Thatcher.

Scottish Liberal Democrats will work with public sector workers to pass a new law to empower them to do their jobs with fewer national targets.