Primary care like an apple in a press - squeezed from both ends

Another day, another report from the frontline of primary care about the shortage of GPs.
We had previously heard from the BMA and Royal College of GPs that Scotland would be 500-900 doctors short by 2020 through many retiring early or opting for part time work. Strains of extreme workload are forcing them to take these extreme measures.
Now it has been reported that more than one fifth of GP training places remain unfilled.  Representative bodies believe that this is because of the perception of general practice that been allowed to develop.
Primary care is like an apple in a press.
Despite repeated warnings the Scottish Government has taken its eye off the ball during the referendum. 
The government eventually published an underwhelming plan last week - seven months after they announced they would. The Royal College of GPs said it was not enough.   The government need to do more.

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