Pressure increases on First Minister to break cuts silence

Leading international bank Goldman Sachs has piled further pressure on Alex Salmond to break his silence over the public sector cuts which would be required to plug the £6bn hole in an independent Scotland's balance sheet.

In a briefing issued today, the Wall Street bank said that: "In the long run, an independent Scotland would likely have a smaller public sector than would be the case if it maintained its union with the UK."

Commenting, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP said:

"Leading international financial institution Goldman Sachs is clear that with independence comes painful cuts to schools, hospitals and police. Alex Salmond's plans will mean we are faced with a Hobson's choice of cutting large numbers of nurses, teachers or police officers.  With days until the big vote Alex Salmond needs to tell is which services will be cut if he gets his way."

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