Preaching to the choir shows FM is losing the argument

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP today said that time is running out for the First Minster to give Scots the answers they need over what independence would mean for them.

Mr Rennie was speaking after the First Minister unveiled a new Declaration of Arbroath this afternoon.

Commenting, Mr Rennie said:

"Invoking the spirit of Robert the Bruce and the Declaration of Arbroath is something that is likely to hit home with hard-line supporters of independence. But preaching to the Nationalist choir like this is a clear sign that he is losing the big arguments. Harking back to a very different world fails to address the needs of a modern, forward looking nation. Partnership, not past divisions is something that people in Scotland want.

"With one month to go until the referendum the First Minister has given up on giving people the answers they need about what independence would mean for them. Instead, we are seeing photo opportunities heavy on historical symbolism but light on substance.

"The First Minister has deliberately kept Scots in the dark over currency and has been found out on his NHS claims. With less than two weeks until postal voters begin to cast their ballots, time is running out for answers from the SNP."

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