PM must hand minutes of Sue Gray meeting over to Privileges Committee

The Liberal Democrats have called on Boris Johnson to hand over the minutes of his meeting with Sue Gray to the Privileges Committee, which will be investigating whether Boris Johnson misled Parliament.

The party is also calling for the records of contact between Downing Street and Sue Gray on her inquiry to be released to the Committee and made public, including emails, letters and messages.

It comes following reports that the Prime Minister ‘pressured’ Sue Gray to drop her report in a recent meeting.

Liberal Democrat Chief Whip Wendy Chamberlain MP commented:

“The suggestion that Boris Johnson pressured Sue Gray to drop her full report is a new low.

“The Privileges Committee must be given access to the minutes of this meeting as well as any other contact between the Prime Minister and Sue Gray. It’s finally time to uncover the truth after months of Johnson’s lies and cover ups.

“These latest reports serve as a timely warning of the sort of tactics Johnson will resort to in order to save his own skin and exert pressure on those looking into his lies and illegal behaviour.

"If Johnson did really try to block publication of the report, the public deserves to know. Any hint of a stitch up would do even more damage to public trust.”

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