PM backs Lib Dem calls for COVID hero honours round

The Government has announced today that it will issue a special honours list in Autumn, following Jamie Stone's calls to the Prime Minister asking for an additional honours round to celebrate coronavirus heroes.

In his initial letter, Jamie Stone made it clear that any honours round must go alongside an independent review of the salaries paid to those working on on the frontlines of the crisis. Despite taking up the idea to introduce an honours round, the Prime Minister has not announced a salary review for key workers.  
Responding to the announcement, Jamie Stone said:
"It is great to see the Prime Minister has listened to the calls to officially recognise the bravery of our Coronavirus heroes this autumn. 
"However, these honours cannot ever be a substitute for properly paying those working on the frontline. There must be a full and thorough review of the pay and conditions for all NHS and care staff when the pandemic is over.
"Without a salary review, this honours list will face accusations of gesture politics. The Prime Minister must put his showmanship to one side and allow a review into the pay of health and care staff - it is the very least he can do."

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