Plea for Greens to stand up to SNP on Covid ID cards

“Don’t get pushed around,” Rennie appeals to party’s MSPs.

The former Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats has appealed to the parliament’s seven Green MSPs not to get pushed around by the SNP on the covid ID cards vote in the Scottish Parliament next week.

The plea from Willie Rennie comes following Patrick Harvie’s repeated refusal to say how he would vote despite being a strong critic of the measure only a few weeks ago.

Willie Rennie said:

“I agreed with Patrick Harvie when he stood firmly against this measure in recent weeks.  But I am alarmed that he and his colleagues may vote for it next week.

“If Patrick Harvie doesn’t stand up to the SNP on this important issue he will be pushed around for the rest of the parliament.

“The Coalition Government is crossing a line. To move from the state encouraging people to get vaccinated to compelling them to do so is a major step. 

“The IT system can’t cope with the current demand for vaccine passports for foreign travel so I can’t see how it will cope with this massive increase in demand.

“We know government often fails when it is managing massive IT projects and this one is being done in a rush so I fear the consequences of this for people and businesses across the country.

“The Green Coalition Ministers will know all this so I just can’t understand why they won’t stand up to the SNP. I would urge them to do so before it is too late.” 


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