Our Plan for Scotland

This election is an opportunity to make Scotland the best again.

That’s why Liberal Democrats are offering bold, positive change.

Our education was amongst the best in the world, now it’s just about average. To be the best again we need to end the cuts to education, an ambitious nursery education expansion, a Pupil Premium, investment in schools and more college places. This investment will give every child a chance to realise their potential and give the economy the skilled workforce it needs.

Our NHS was world leading, now it’s under real pressure. To be the best again we need a step change in mental health services, the recruitment of more GPs and better social care.

Scotland set world-leading climate change targets, but has never met them. To be the best again we support action on climate change including warmer homes, better public transport and stopping opencast coal and fracking.

Our civil liberties were once celebrated but they have been neglected with the industrial scale use of stop and search, armed police and an intrusive super ID database. To be the best again we need to guarantee our civil liberties again.

Scotland is a rich and diverse country but power has been stripped from local communities and hoarded in Holyrood. To be the best again we support a reform programme that includes power transferred to local communities and empowering nurses, doctors, teachers and the police to do their job.

To be the best again we need a strong economy, fair tax and good public services. That’s why we support continued membership of the European Union, a reformed tax system that makes work pay and investment in good public services.

And finally, to be the best again, we will move on from the independence debate to bring unity, healing the divisions of the referendum. I am a strong supporter of the UK, and always will be, but we all need to move on to bring the country together.

Liberal Democrats have punched above our weight in Holyrood. On challenging the centralisation of the police, standing up for mental health, opposing cuts to colleges and on expanding nursery education we have been a powerful force for change. With more MSPs we can do so much more.

Liberal Democrats have bold and positive plans for change to be the best again.

Scotland needs strong liberal voices to be the best again.

Willie Rennie




Willie Rennie

Leader, Scottish Liberal Democrats