Partygate pics obliterate Prime Minister’s lies

Commenting on the publication of a series of photographs of a party in Downing Street in which the Prime Minister can be seen raising a toast, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton said:

"These photographs obliterate the Prime Minister's claims that he did not know of any rulebreaking during lockdown and that the rules were followed at all times. While the public made huge sacrifices, he partied in Number 10.

"The public are not stupid. They understood perfectly well that the Prime Minister was lying to them. The only people who fell for it were Conservative parliamentarians.

"This is a key moment for Douglas Ross. He should condemn the lawbreaking and lies of a Prime Minister who is only out for himself and finally resubmit his letter of no confidence. If he doesn't do that then he will be proving to the public that he will always put the interests of the Conservative party ahead of the interests of the country. Every day Boris Johnson remains in office will do more damage to public trust and to our democracy."

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