Eileen McCartin
Candidate for Paisley

Cllr Eileen McCartin MBE is the Scottish Liberal Democrats' candidate in the Paisley constituency, a seat which she has fought on many previous occasions.

Eileen has given her entire political life to Paisley, both at Holyrood and Westminster. As a local councillor for 33 years, she has fought tirelessly for the area, and continues to oversee the rebuilding of Paisley through Arts and Culture, providing a vibrant and interesting community for people to live in, and one which will attract jobs and visitors in the future.

She is particularly concerned about mental health services, particularly for younger people, and recently ensured extra spending by the council to improve these services. She also fought for the council to be more proactive in fighting the Climate Emergency. This has resulted in a major council committee dedicated to ensuring that all council services must check their actions against improving the drive towards a carbon neutral council by 2030. She is particularly outspoken about the potential damage still being done to our communities through planning decisions which will damage our fragile Eco systems, such as that at Dykebar.

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