P1 testing “shredded” by teachers, headteachers and local authorities

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today demanded John Swinney listen to the concerns of teachers, headteachers and local authorities as the Scottish Government released almost 400 pages of feedback on national testing of P1 pupils.

Teacher feedback warned:

  • Children were “distressed and bored”
  • To what extent is the P1 SNSA useful for school improvement purposes? “None” “It didn’t really tell us more than we already knew”
  • “Results are not reliable” “A waste of time, effort and money”
  • “It was an awful experience for children and adults alike, for no good reason and for data that was vague and limited in its ability to address children’s difficulties”

Commenting on the feedback, Mr Rennie said:

“These comments have shredded any last pretence that this is a policy which has the support of education professionals. This feedback is an indictment on the Scottish National Standardised Assessments.

“Teachers must have been incredulous at the review when it endorsed these tests, but then again, perhaps that is what they have come to expect from this detached government.

“There are no long-term educational benefits to the SNP’s approach, just a stubborn Education Secretary who refuses to admit that he is wrong.

“If our government is serious about closing the gap then it needs to look at other countries with proven success, not plough on in the face of opposition from teachers across Scotland. John Swinney should commit to scrapping the tests before another year of P1 pupils and teachers having to suffer the same way.”

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