Over 100,000 operations lost to Covid-19

Commenting on statistics showing the number of operations carried out by the NHS in August 2020 was 50% below normal levels, and new Scottish Liberal Democrat analysis showing over 100,000 scheduled operations have now been lost to the pandemic, the party's health spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP commented:

"These statistics are another devastating insight into the wider harm being caused by COVID-19.

"They show over 100,000 scheduled operations have been lost to the pandemic so far.

"The Scottish Government was right to pause non-essential treatments to ensure that the NHS wasn't overwhelmed. But while we protect people from the virus, people are suffering in different ways and some people's conditions are deteriorating.

"The operations backlog continues to grow, and that is really tough for the patients already living in pain for months and who are being prevented from getting on in life.

"It shows the need for a robust NHS recovery plan which maximises capacity while also keeping patients and staff safe."

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