Our family of nations has achieved great things

Charles Kennedy MP today said that it would be wrong to walk away from the great things that Scotland and the rest of the UK have created together as he joined Willie Rennie MSP, Jo Swinson MP and Danny Alexander MP to launch the final stage of the Liberal Democrat referendum campaign.

At the unveiling of new poster vans making the positive case for Scotland remaining part of the UK Mr Kennedy said:

"Together, our family of nations has achieved great things.

"In the NHS we have the best health service in the world, one of the strongest currencies in the pound and in the BBC we have the world’s best broadcaster.

"These have been built without borders and I don’t believe that we should walk away from them. It's not in the Scottish character to walk away.  These are the positive reasons for people to vote No Thanks. It is the sunshine, positive case to stay in the UK. 

"Today, the challenges we face are big. The global economy, climate change, our security. And I think that on all of these, Scotland can give more and get more by being part of something bigger. It would be wrong to turn inwards and it would be wrong to walk away.

"That is the positive case for No Thanks which I will be taking to every person I meet in the final days of this campaign."
Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP added:
"As Scots we can be proud of the things we have helped create as part of the UK. We can do so much more together if we stay rather than walk away. 
"Things like the NHS and the BBC are shared achievements based on shared endeavour and shared values. They represent so much about what is great about the UK and also what is at stake at this referendum. 
"I believe that the case for saying No thanks to leaving these things behind is overwhelming. That is the message Liberal Democrats are taking to voters right across Scotland."

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