Online Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Scottish Liberal Democrats!

We are so glad you are on our website, Facebook page or Twitter account! We have a list of guidelines for you to keep in mind to continue making this a great place for everyone.

Be kind!

We know when people discuss politics, things can get heated. But we’re all in this together and even when we disagree, we all just want the best for Scotland. We love to hear your thoughts and feelings on topics - sharing is caring - but we don’t like abuse, of us, our team, other parties or other people.

Don’t Spam:

News flash: no-one likes a spammer! This includes link-bombing, promoting something where it shouldn’t be promoted and making the same point repeatedly, to name just a few. Comments are there to encourage debate, let you ask questions, and share your opinions and we want you to get the most out of it - so don’t spam!

Faux pas of commenting:

Ahh we know we are giving you a list of don’ts, but bare with us. This will make it a fun place for all of you!

Personal attacks: Don't attack or insult another people. It's not helpful and it doesn't make the internet a friendly place. This includes calling other members trolls.

Illegal activities: Posting links to illegal downloads, ways to steal service, and other nefarious or illegal activity is not OK here.

NSFW(Not Safe for Work) material: Nope, not allowed. Even images or links that could be considered borderline are not acceptable. A good rule of thumb is that anything beyond PG-13 will get you in trouble, but we reserve the right to remove any post we deem offensive. This goes for porngraphic material, vile language, gore and generally gross stuff.

Racism, sexism, and any other kind of discrimination: Attacking entire groups of people is just like attacking a single person: totally not okay.

Trolling: "Trolling" is a big, messy term, but we know what trolls are and we won't tolerate it. If you're abusing the good conversations here we will take your comments and posts down.

What it is not is a place to leave abusive questions and comments that are a personal attack on our team or others. This website and our social media profiles are for healthy debate about politics in Scotland, for people to ask questions & engage with politicians and for us to tell you what we’re up to, not to hurl abuse, troll. There’s plenty of other places you can do that.

If something is wrong, tell us!

Sometimes we are too busy getting Scotland fit for the future and we won’t notice if something bad is posted or if there is a sneaky glitch on the site. So if you want to be a star and report something, holler at us on [email protected]


Scottish Liberal Democrats

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