One year on

This day last year I was so relieved that Scotland opted to continue our partnership with the United Kingdom. Together we’ve created some of the best things in the world: the NHS, the BBC and the pound and together we can do so much more.

It is unbelievable that with problems in the police, NHS and schools the SNP want yet another referendum. The SNP government need to get on with the day job rather than plotting another referendum.

We should be marking the first anniversary of the referendum with a commitment to bring the country together not creating division with another referendum.

I recognise that many nationalists found the vote a hugely uplifting experience and I have no desire to deny that. Yet, I would hope that they will acknowledge that many others found it deeply disturbing and distressing on both sides of the debate.

A recent poll showed one in four people had experienced division in amongst their family and friends as a result of the referendum.

The SNP should abandon their plans for another referendum so that families and friends don’t have to endure that division again.

The opportunity to focus on the domestic agenda is now before us with the Scottish Parliamentary Elections only a few months away.

That’s why we are launching a to-do list for the First Minister today.

The SNP government need to get on with the day job rather than plotting another referendum.

The Royal College of GPs say that Scotland will be short of 740 GPs by 2020. The SNP Government needs to recruit more GPs.

1 in 5 young people wait over 18 weeks for mental health treatments. The SNP Government needs a new mental health strategy.

Literacy standards are falling. The SNP Government needs to implement a pupil premium to support children struggling at school.

Police Scotland is in chaos. The SNP Government needs to put democracy back into policing.

Hundreds of families are spending Christmas after Christmas in temporary accommodation. The SNP Government needs to build more houses for rent.

I hope that Nicola Sturgeon will agree to put the referendum divisions behind us. We all have our differences and if we didn’t the world would be a rather dull place. But we must live to accept those differences without casting doubt our commitment to making lives better.

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