No excuse for “dawdling” on Latte levy

Scottish Liberal Democrat environment spokesperson Mariam Mahmood has called on the Scottish Government to commit to introducing a nationwide Latte Levy to address the persistent use of disposable coffee cups, following the publication of the Scottish Household Waste survey.

Mariam Mahmood said:

“Scotland is making strides with recycling but when it comes to coffee cups we haven't even begun to tackle the mountain of waste they generate.

“The Liberal Democrats have proposed a Scotland-wide Latte Levy to deter coffee cup waste. It would work in much the same way as the plastic bag tax, which massively reduced usage. At the moment it is too easy to be wasteful.

“This move would let us tackle throwaway culture head on. There’s no excuse to dawdle on this issue. People are more aware of the damage everyday throwaways have on the climate and are eager to see action to curb it. The Scottish Government ought to listen.”

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