READ: Willie Rennie's speech to the Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference 2018

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has used his speech to the Liberal Democrat Autumn conference in Brighton to warn that if the country does not turn back on Brexit it will be the biggest surrender of power the country has ever seen, as he told delegates that the Chequers plan will create a "democratic vacuum" and see Britain become a "rule taker" on the global stage.

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Scottish Liberal Democrats demand better for Scotland

I’ve travelled across Scotland this summer.  

Meeting people doing their real jobs.  

Meeting people to hear what they think.  

Meeting people whether they agree with me or not.

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SNP Growth Commission sets out why independence is a bad idea

I feel sorry for SNP members.  The Growth Commission was their big report.  Long awaited. The answer to the failures of the 2014 referendum.  Published in a flurry of breathless press releases, members were champing at the bit to debate it at their conference at the weekend but they turned up to discover it was completely absent from the agenda.

The Scottish Growth Commission is a substantial piece of work. It makes a number of assertions but it also admits how challenging an independent Scotland’s finances would be.

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