Have your say on your new committees

Elections for Scottish Executive and Policy Committee are going ahead - and here's your chance to hear from the candidates. We've put together the submitted manifestos so you can make an informed decision on who to choose.

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Scottish Liberal Democrat Women celebrate International Women's Day

Some time ago, I took over Scottish Lib Dem Women after it had sadly lapsed into a hiatus after changes in the circumstances of various committee members. I say “some time ago”, because while there are dates I could point to in the last two years confirming my position, it really now feels like my life’s mission, and it’s hard to put a timeframe on that.

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Committee Vacancies

We've got a raft of vacancies open on various Scottish Liberal Democrat committees.

Being on a committee is a really potent way of having your say on how our party is run. If you're keen to get more involved, why not take a look?

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