New digital report shows skills shortages jeopardising progress

Scottish Liberal Democrat connectivity spokesperson Mike Rumbles has today warned that no more IT projects must be allowed to spiral out of control as a new report warned of “a significant skills gap” and that “the Scottish Government has not had enough staff to share common lessons learned” from previous projects.

The report from Audit Scotland also says the “Scottish Government does not yet know how much investment is needed to achieve the ambitious aims it set out in its digital strategy in 2017. It also lacks a complete picture of which actions have had the most impact to date - and where the gaps are”.

Commenting on the report Mr Rumbles said:

“Too many SNP IT projects have been allowed to spiral out of control. From policing to farming payments, too often these projects have become a blackhole for money and staff time and not delivered the benefits promised.

“Businesses have been complaining for a very long time that they can’t find staff with the tech skills they need. With the Scottish Government experiencing the same problem, it must now recognise that making a transformative investment in Scotland’s people is essential.

“Boosting education and skills is the best way to create a bright digital future and secure the long-term sustainability of public services.”

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