New Covid ID regulations reveal "tinpot authoritarians" in the SNP

Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP had today warned that the Scottish Government are preparing to expand the use of Covid ID cards in the future, with the government claiming there would be advantages in extending it to more sectors. 

His comments come after the Scottish Government finally published Covid ID card regulations and associated evidence papers late on 29th September. The regulations also require businesses to put together plans and renew them every six months.

The regulations will come into force at 05.00 on 1st October 2021.

Mr Cole-Hamilton said:

"The list of people who will have access to your medical information is now you, your doctor and the ticket staff of venues you might want to enter in future. We are about to become the only country in Europe to introduce covid ID cards but not allow people to show a negative test or evidence of recent past infection instead.

"We are now less than 24 hours until these regulations come into force and we still don't have assessments of data security, equalities and privacy. This is tinpot authoritarianism and incompetence writ large.

"I feel sorry for the businesses who are expected to make heads or tails of this tangle of new rules. The sensible thing to do would be to tear up these guidelines and put the civil servants who wrote them to work on the ways we know tackle Covid-19 - testing, tracing and vaccinating.”

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