New analysis shows 220,653 scheduled operations lost to Covid

Scottish Liberal Democrats have accused the SNP of offering just words not action on NHS waiting lists.  Today the party warned of the “weight of work” that will be required to get the NHS back on track, as new analysis reveals 220,653 scheduled operations have been lost during the course of the pandemic.

Commenting, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP said:

During the election, the SNP promised an NHS recovery plan and 10% more capacity, but the mountain of cancelled operations show it was all just words.

“Scotland’s NHS doesn’t just have a pandemic emergency but also an emergency for our health.

“These figures show the number of planned procedures that didn’t happen during the pandemic. Most of those will still need to happen, in one way or another, and that will be a huge challenge. Many who have had operations delayed will be living in pain and discomfort. But the work to see their problems fixed will now need to happen alongside the rest of the NHS’ day to day workload.

“Staff are shattered. The weight of work required to get Scotland’s health back on track is formidable. The Scottish Government need to give staff the space and the resources to get the health service back on track, without staff sacrificing their own health and wellbeing. A Patients’ Commissioner would also ensure that those who are suffering are advocated for.”


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