New analysis reveals £8.8bn toll of mental health

Responding to new analysis from the Mental Health Foundation showing that problems relating to mental health issues are costing the Scottish economy around £8,8bn a year, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton said:

“Over the last decade my party have issued warning after warning about the impact of mental ill health. Measures like the introduction of a dedicated mental health minister and an additional £120m for mental health in the last budget took years of Lib Dem pressure and we are clear that there is a vast amount that is still to be done.

“These figures show in black and white that it is taking an economic toll as well as a health one. Putting in place support for those in need would in many cases pay for itself if it allowed people to lead healthy, fulfilling and productive lives.

“We need to see more funding for mental health and fresh resources to deliver local and accessible mental health support in all parts of Scotland and new efforts to recruit mental health professionals in A&E departments, GP services, police stations and prisons. If the Health Secretary is not willing to do that, then he should make way for someone who will."

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