Ministers stonewalling over indyref2 legal advice

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Mike Rumbles has today called for the Scottish Government to end their stonewalling and tell Parliament whether they are actively considering another independence referendum without a section 30 order.

After Scottish Government ministers previously refused to provide answers, Mr Rumbles wrote to the Lord Advocate asking whether such measures were under consideration and what their legal implications would be. Responding, Lord Advocate James Wolffe declined to provide information on legal advice he may have provided and recommended asking the Scottish Government about the issues raised.

Mr Rumbles said:

“The SNP worked alongside Liberal Democrats when we successfully pressed the UK Government to release their Brexit legal advice. People will wonder why the SNP Government are refusing to put their own independence plans through the same openness test.

“The Scottish Government are going to outrageous lengths to avoid telling the public what they are plotting behind closed doors. Ministers just shuffle excuses back and forward between themselves.

“It’s not good enough. People have a right to know what their government is up to.

“Rather than stonewalling, government ministers must return to Parliament to confirm whether they are actively considering a wildcat independence referendum without a section 30 order.

“I have also written to the Scottish Parliament’s Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee to ask them to consider changes to standing orders to allow MSPs to get answers to simple questions, including making it easier for the Lord Advocate to respond to MSPs.”

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