Ministerial silence over super ID database rumbles on

Scottish Liberal Democrat justice spokeswoman Alison McInnes has questioned whether SNP ministers have shelved plans to introduce a super ID database as silence over the proposals continues.

Under proposed amendments to the NHS Central Register (Scotland) Regulations 2006, access to the register would be expanded to 120 public bodies and every person in Scotland would be assigned a unique reference number.

Scottish Liberal Democrats have led criticism of the proposals, with charities and other bodies including the Information Commissioner’s Office warning they could be in breach of EU civil liberties laws.

Commenting after even more exceptionally vague ministerial responses, Ms McInnes said:

“The ministerial responses to the questions I’ve asked are so deafening in their silence you’d think the plans had been quietly shelved. It’s becoming practically a monthly occurrence – I question John Swinney and he barely responds. Perhaps the SNP has taken the advice of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, privacy experts and specialist bodies and decided not to force through these proposals.

“It has been almost a year since ministers published their proposals, ones we believe could lead to identity cards being introduced in this country.

“The Deputy First Minister’s silence must be broken with an answer to this question – has he scrapped plans for a super ID database?”

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