Minister has no intention of delivering superfast speeds to every home

The Cabinet Secretary for Connectivity, today, confirmed that the Scottish Government’s superfast broadband programme will not guarantee superfast internet (24/30mbps) to every home in Scotland. 

In answer a question from Liberal Democrat MSP Mike Rumbles, during a Ministerial Statement on the matter, the Minister told the North East MSP that the Scottish Government’s intention was to deliver fibre access but the speed of the internet in homes would not be the responsibility of the Scottish Government and would depend on commercial operators. 

Ofcom’s latest Connected Nations report highlighted that only 87% of home in Scotland have access to 30mbps internet speed, despite the Scottish Government claiming that 95% of homes now have superfast fibre broadband. 

Mr Rumbles said:

“The Cabinet Secretary believes that this sleight of hand will convince people that the Scottish Government is fulfilling its commitment to delivering superfast internet to every home in Scotland. In reality, many homes in rural communities are in danger of missing out altogether. 

“Ofcom have reported that 1 in 8 homes cannot access superfast speeds, despite the Government claiming that it is only 1 in 20. Delivering superfast speeds to the final 5% of homes will be far more challenging than anything that has come before and the Cabinet Secretary has confessed today that not every home will get superfast internet even if, and it is a big if, 100% fibre coverage is delivered.” 

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